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Placencia village from the air

Belize City International Airport is just a short non-stop flight away from many North American cities.

Once in Belize, we recommend taking the 30-minute flight to Placencia. Maya Island Air and Tropic Air have multiple daily flights. The Flying Toucan is just a 5-minute drive south from Placencia Airport.

If you prefer to drive yourself from Belize City you can go to the car rental place located just outside the main entrance to the airport. There are several car rental companies but we recommend Crystal Car Rental as we have used them many times.

As for directions, you can take the Western Highway towards Belmopan and then turn off left onto the Coastal Plain Highway just past the Belize Zoo.

The journey from Belize City to The Flying Toucan in Placencia Village will take around 2.5 hours. It seems a long drive but it certainly allows you to get a good look at the country. Maybe stop at a local restaurant or tourist site along the way. 

If you are flying into Placencia Airport, we can arrange a Taxi to pick you up and take you to your accommodation. All we will need is the Airline (Maya Island Air, or Tropic Air) and the time you land at Placencia. The cost is around 20bz for 2 people. Just let us know and we can make arrangements.

If you are driving to Placencia, when heading into Placencia Village, look out for a large building called "Top Value" grocery store on the right-hand side. Once past that, look out for another large building called "Michelo's" on the left-hand side, maybe 200 yards past "Top Value".


There is an alley way next to "Michelo's" -  turn left and follow road to beach sidewalk. We are the two blue buildings on the left.

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